How To Invest in Brazil Without Falling for a Scam

Last month i spoke briefly about ‘minha casa minha vida’ investment the popular brazilian property investment.

Now like any successful investment, once they do become popular you fiend that many so called boiler room companies set themselves up and start cold calling potential clients and attempt to sell them the product they have heard so much about, which in this case is ‘Minha Casa Minha Vida’ so an easy rule to remember is don’t accept cold calls from companies trying to sell you this investment, especially if the returns seem too good to be true, to good to be true returns scream ponzi schemes, also known as ‘get rich quick schemes’

Arco Iris Development, Natal (Photo Credit EcoHouse Group)

Arco Iris Development, Natal (Photo Credit EcoHouse Group)

This investment works best if you invest direct with the developer, a fact that isn’t popular with investment companies trying to sell you this investment, you also want a developer with a proven track record and evidence of building, there are a few developers in  Brazil offering all this, although if your not Brazilian and are an investor from Europe, Asia or North America their is one highly respected global developer involved in the programme who way ahead of anyone else, that company is EcoHouse Group, EcoHouse Group get a lot of positive press and have won dozens of awards, They have already completed 2 social housing developments and are currently taking on investor for their 3rd.

So if you looking for a safe and ethical investment and don’t want to for for a scam, EcoHouse are really your only option.



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7 responses to “How To Invest in Brazil Without Falling for a Scam

  1. Claire

    So why is it better to invest through a developer such as ecohouse rather than a professional investment company, surely it’s safer?

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  3. Richard Kendle

    No definitely not.. can an investment company show you evidence of their building work?
    it’s a unique investment, there is nothing like it..definitely not a scam, ecohouse use Escrow, a lawyer controlled account, this means they can only draw your money to build a unit , nothing else, to be honest i don’t know of any other legitimate minha casa investment. here’s their youtube channel, pretty impressive

    • Danny Ray SN

      well said, you’ll always get the negative people like Claire trolling the blogs, with comments like ‘too good to be true’, ‘is ecohouse a scam?’ or ‘ no one can offer such a high return’. A friend of mine invested through ecohouse last year and it definitely isn’t a scam, look at the press section of their website , you can’t fake this..

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