Popular Scams in Brazil that Tourists should be aware of during the World Cup

OK with the World Cup looming and thousands or football fans travelling to Brazil it’s going to be heaven for the scammers and conmen. Here are a few popular scams and cons that can happen to tourists visiting Brazil

The Good Samaritan Scam
If a tourist looks lost and is having trouble communicating, a bystander might approach with seemingly innocent intentions of help, but it is fairly common that they attempt to rob the people they are “helping.” The best thing is to look assertive and walk with a purpose, and to explicitly say no to unwanted help. If you are lost, go into a nearby restaurant or hotel for help. If a theft is attempted, let the thief have what s/he wants: this is the best way to avoid more serious situations.

Express Bank-Robbers
Around banks and sources where international money is available, there have been reports of “express kidnappings,” where a victim is forced to withdraw extra money from an ATM machine that they were just seen using. The best thing to do is to only take out money from banks during daylight hours when other people are around. Criminals in Brazil only strike when there are no people around.

At the Airport
Be extra careful with laptops, carry-on-luggage, and briefcases for these are targeted. Pickpockets in airports are very common as well; do not have a lot of cash or any important documents in outside pockets. In airports and within the country, don’t dress excessively and wear flashy jewelry. These only attract unnecessary attention.

If a taxi driver asks you to pay upfront, get out of the car: this is illegal and it indicates the cabdriver is hiking up the price considerably and not using the clocked meter. All officially licensed taxis have meters, and the price that you should pay is that which appears on the screen. Avoid unlicensed taxis, as they can be a cover-up for robber


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